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Guess who hit the game tying RBI last night??????

Yes, ME you fools.

Line drive. Right over the second baseman's head. Perfection really.

That pushed the game into extra innings and my dear husband scored the winning run.

If you follow slow-pitch softball (and God help you if you do) there are rarely extra innings. Also, NEVER games that have a final score of 5-4 as ours did last night. Our dear Parkinson's riddled umpire commented, "I would have paid to watch this."

It really was a great game. It was kind of awful that anyone had to lose since both sides played a good game. It was awesome that it wasn't us who lost though.

And even more that our team could not have won the game without Mr. and Mrs. Anyabeth.

That hit did not save my batting average, which has slipped to a sad sad .400.

It has been so hot here (comparitively, this is Seattle, we start worrying about heat stroke at 80 degrees) that they have the AC cranked up here at work.

Which means I am sporting the Oh So Professional baby blue hoodie over my work attire look.

Am starving. Had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Diet Coke for breakfast. Delightful. And somehow not enough even though that is way more than I normally eat. Troubling. Because I don't have anything else. Not even candy.

Which is also troubling really.

I know that I spend entirely too much time here discussing my bowel movements. There are either too many or too few. They are painful. They are burning. I really should just add a Colon Update on the bottom of the page, in case anyone cares. Which I am sure you don't.

If you do, today it is too many BM's yesterday (that BURNED) and so I am bloated and puffy today. ATTRACTIVE yes. Comfortable? NO.

And now that you have had to think about my colon, neither are you.

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