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Odd But True

Last night I went to Longs Drugs and spent much too much money on hair care products (hair care products are my drug of choice for PMS--more effective than drugs, more satisfying than makeup, less fattening than food) and they had cereal on sale. I bought a GIANT box of Honeycombs because apparently my PMS monster is carbo loading (this weekend I was all protein all the time now only carbs and starch).

The woman at the counter asked me if Honeycombs were any good. I just sort of stared at her for a moment. Honeycombs have been around since I was a little kid so they have to have been around for at least twenty years. How could she not have had them? How could they have been so novel?

She also commented on how much my hair products were (very expensive but again PMS) which seemed wholy inappropriate. A little like the nurse at an OB-GYN commenting about how indulgent a pap-smear is. I mean, if people stop buying these much too expensive hair care items you won't have a job lady. So take your frizzy hair with its nasty texture and split ends and crawl back into your hole.

Again. PMS.

Bright spot. Banana Repulic is having a sale today. More PMS chasing will be done via clothing purchases.

I trust the sale girls there will refrain from comment.

Or I will smack the little bitches.

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