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I love my Fridays.

I work really long hours with a very long commute. But I am lucky enough that my boss is cool with me working a four day week. I always tell myself that I will spend the day catching up on errands and cleaning the house, and sometimes I do. I mean I had a nightmare six weeks this winter when I had a dental or doctors appointment each Friday.

But often I have days like today. Where I do not a damn thing.

I take that back. I went shopping, slept in, watched Blowout (which is DIVINE) and gave myself a facial.

Those are the best Fridays.

I feel very drained and I feel really guilty about that. I mean I asked for the additional work at my job. I mean, they gave me way more than I asked for but I still feel guilt.

Also, I mean I don't have kids, my husband is really low maintenence and I just do not care if my house is so clean so its not like I am stressed about that.

I just need to have some fun. Relax. Forget about work. Get drunk. Maybe we should have a party. We haven't had one since my husband's birthday a year and a half ago.

Our friend decided to do a keg stand and feel on his head. He forgot that we are all much to old for that shit.

J woke up naked except for black socks. It was a pretty good party.

But for some reason we haven't had one since. Maybe we should have one for the Fourth of July.


Exchanged all my goodies at Banana Republic. Took back a skirt and top and got another skirt and THREE tops. I am the shopping champion. The husband likes all three tops which makes me wonder if any are work appropriate.

I love getting a bargain. My mom taught me that things are always even cuter if you got them for a deal. J doesn't really understand that, especially when I refuse to buy things because of the price. I really am sort of cheap about certain things.

I just like to feel good about how I spend my money. I cannot enjoy anything, not a meal, not clothes, not a haircut, not anything if I feel like I paid too much.

That is a little strange I know.

I think I am going to go throw tennis balls at Buster.

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