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I Love Clinton

I love President Clinton.

I know that we as a country are supposed to be ashamed of him. And loathe him for his immoral behavior.

I don't.

I love him.

He was a great President. He was certainly the best President of my lifetime. My life was considerably safer and more prosperous when he was in office.

Did he cheat on his wife? YUP. Does she care? I am not sure. And frankly, it is none of my business. Just as though it was none of my business whether he had the affair in the first place. There was no question that he made a poor judgement when having an affair with an intern. She was undoubtedly seduced by his good looks and power. But it was consensual. No one disputes that. So why did we spend so much money trying to prove an affair that wasn't a crime and none of our fucking business?

You tell me.

However, why are we not spending money trying to figure out why our current President lied about the WMDs? Or why he lies about his connections to businesses? Why he is trying to degrade the seperation of church and state? Repeal legislation that will improve equality?

People in power want us to believe that it is treason to ask those questions.

I believe that it is the most American thing you can do to question the President. Demand of him to do his job with integrity. I don't care if the man cheats on his wife. I do care if he cheats his country. I do care if he uses his personal connections in a way unbecoming a President. I do care if his mouth writes checks that we as a country cannot cash.

So I will be seeing Michael Moore's movie this weekend (it was sold out here this past weekend) and I will be buying Clinton's new book. I will be casting my vote in Novemeber and every day until then with my dollars.

You should too.

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