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Free At Last

You know what is a little demoralizing? When your thick haired and up for the challenge (and ALRIGHT, attractive) hairdresser tells you that your hair is DIFFICULT.

Know what is slightly worse? When his delightfully flaming gay hairdresser father (with 30 years of hairdressing experience and who has worked with CHER) affirms that your hair is indeed difficult and that if he had to do your hair he would have carpal tunnel. And also, that you are a challenge. And ALSO that he is so very very sorry but your hair is so very very thick and wavy and though it is pretty it is so DIFFICULT.

Did I know that when my mother was calling me stubborn all this time she was really talking about my hair? NO!

Do you know what is a delicious phrase to hear from the lips of your hairdresser's father who you now love and would marry if he was into chicks but instead will just be devoted to forever and ever?

Set her free Davey.

Those four words and a haircut later and I am free. He cut it all off. And I LURV it. I want to marry my hair. Not because it is cute, though it is, and I feel very Sharon Stonish with it. But because it took five minutes to straighten this morning. FIVE MINUTES.

And somehow it makes my face look thinner, I am not sure how that works but it does and I will not question it.

The husband loves it. People on the street love it. Even my mother (who never ever wants me to cut my hair) loves it.

I am sure I will not love it forever. But for now I have achieved the un-doable. I have found the Holy Grail.

Let Freedom RING!

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