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One More Down

Our neighbor told us a horrible story today. Their son is with the 101st Airborne. This division has been on perpetual hazard duty for almost two years. Their son just got medi-evaced because of a severe eye infection. As in an infection that could cause blindness, is crippling his kidneys and has made his eye and mouth swell shut.

He was waiting for his orders when Donald Rumsfield visited the hospital. He talked with this young man for quite some time, thanked him for his service. Then he asked how he had hurt himself. The young man explained that he had an eye infection. Mr. Rumsfield than said, "Well I wanted to meet some REAL soldiers so I will leave you now."


Our neighbor's son is highly decorated. This division is crazy, they get sent into extremely dangerous situations all the time. He got this infection because of the horrible conditions (plus lack of medical attention and food supplies since the war was poorly planned). But he is not considered a REAL soldier?

FUCK YOU, Rummy.

Well there is one more military family voting for Kerry.

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