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Patience is Not My Virtue

Am losing patience with my husband.

My grandparents will be here in two hours. I cleaned all last night. The upstairs of our home is SPOTLESS. I scubbed all of our bathrooms. I cleaned the carpets.

He is supposed to do the kitchen and living room. They are picked up, he just has to do the cleaning.

He didn't want to do it yesterday. But he didn't want me to do it either.

Its still not done.

So far this morning he has walked around naked, surfed the internet, taken the longest shower in the history of the world (messing up that bathroom which I now have to clean again). He has not cleaned a goddamn thing.

But he still doesn't want my help.

If its not done in an hour I will have his head on a spike in the front yard.

Purely for decorative purposes.

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