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Darla II

The dog is going to be ok.

She has two badly sprained legs and sore back muscles. She cannot run, jump or play for two weeks at least. She is on pain medication. But she is not paralyzed, does not need surgery and does not have to be put down.

Thank God.

Damn dog. Love her too much. Fortunately, she is a lazy animal and will enjoy the next two weeks of being carried around and loved all over. She will especially love getting cheese three times a day for her pills.

I looked at our pug when we got back. So happy and smiley and outgoing.

Darla is moody. She is snobby. If you bother her she growls at you. If you do something mean to her she pees on your bed.

That is a dog I can relate to. The pug might as well be an alien.

She can never leave me.

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