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I was going to write an entry about how I had this massive migraine last night. I took a sleeping pill and slept in. Slept in so late that I didn't get to update this morning.

Unfortunately, I have something more serious to write about. My dachshund fell and hurt herself. So badly that I came home from work so that I could go with J to take her to the vet. We thought it was her back and originally we thought it might be broken. That is very common in dachshunds.

If you are not a crazy dog person you cannot understand. These dogs are like my babies (yes I know babies are different but you know) and I cannot stand the thought of one of them being hurt.

She can't even handle being held.

I cried all the way home from work. But pulled it together before I walked in the door. Darla shouldn't see mama as a basketcase right now.


Everybody cross their fingers or pray or whatever you believe in for my little dog.


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