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Boring Crap

I am starting to think that I write about hair too much. I get tons of google referals for "cute choppy bob" and "expensive haircuts."

Also, I need to stop with the kinky sex talk, because whoever got here with "Wife-swapping Jehova's Witnesses" was undoubtedly disappointed.

Darla is fine, thanks to everyone who wrote notes of concern. She is enjoying all the cheese and attention and is just milking it for all she is worth. This is fine with me as I am the same way when I am hurt or sick. Why should the dog have to behave more maturely than I do?

Work has been crazy and hopefully will cool off soon. I know that I do not want to do this job. I keep saying that. I do not know, however, what I do want to do. And honestly, days like yesterday make it hard to leave here. I walk into my bosses office to ask her if I can leave an hour or so early to go take my dog to the vet. She tells me to leave right away, that my dog is way more important than work. Of course, I feel that way but it is not often that your boss agrees with you. The people here are just so great. Its hard to imagine leaving.

But the job. IT BLOWS. So we will see.

At any rate, I am going to go pass out. Working for 12 1/2 hours a day doesn't suit me.

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