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Ew, For So Many Reasons

Excellent softball game tonight. Won our first playoff game to make it into the next round. Mr. and Mrs. Anyabeth both played well, thank you very much. In fact, every single player on our team had a good game. Which was a good thing, since we had exactly the right amount of players. Everyone had to play all the time, which sounds like a good thing.

But maybe it isn't. I mean it was hot out today and we are all desk jockeys. Everyone was tired and hot and thirsty at the end. Sadly, we are all old and didn't go out for beers.

I also have bruises up and down my arms from blocking the ball.

Ew, that sounds dirty.

Worse, one hit me in the face and popped this monster zit. And I got pus on the ball.

Fortunately, my husband was the pitcher. I just wiped it off and threw it to him. We swap all kinds of body fluids, what is puss amongst spouses?

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