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Old Lady, Sympathy and Political Rage

People, like Rob, AB, Heather and Grrrl need to stop making me cry. I am about five hours away from getting my period, I cannot be reading about how no one can have a baby or how their baby is so sick (which seriously, every time he writes about her I BAWL) or how their baby is growing up. The collective sadness is turning me into a weeping mess. So everyone click at least one of those links and go give everybody a big internet hug.

Seriously, ya'll I am turning into my mother.


My body HURTS today. Apparently, twent-six (in a month) is the new eighty-seven because one softball game kicked my sorry out-of-shape ass. My back hurts, my legs are tired and my head is killing me.

I would feel worse but I think J is in worse shape.


Missed most of the Democratic convention last night for the game but am pleased so far with how its going. Except TWO THINGS.

ONE. Why is this not on network television? I mean, I know, the American public cannot miss out on the Simpsons or For Love or Money for one week but this is something that should be on free TV. Non-negotiable. It is good for us to have the option to watch it. And every household does not have cable. Simple as that.

TWO. Will the press stop attacking the wives? Are people still buying this crap? So Teresa Heinz-Kerry has her own opinions. So she told a reporter to shove it. He misquoted her and then refused to correct it. Every single story written on her comments on her hair in a demeaning way. We are talking about a very intelligent woman, who speaks five languages, is a philanthropist and who works very hard on behalf of some very worth causes. And the press is attacking her because she speaks her mind, has frizzy hair and her husband listens to her. Let me tell you something, if there is a man out there who is not influenced by his wife he is either a fucking pig or she is an idiot. People who are married are partners, that means they should value each other's opinions. Does that mean that he votes how she wants him to? NO. But he should at least listen to her. I mean, one of the things I hate most about the Bushes (and there really are so very many) is Laura. She will go out into public and giggle about how she doesn't know anything about politics and how that is all her husband. So wait, you married into a poltical family, are an American citizen and have spent much of your adult life campaigning for some one but you don't know anything about issues or politics. Again, she is either a liar or an idiot. Fuck that. Give me Hilary. Give me Teresa Heinz-Kerry. Give me Elizabeth Edwards. Maybe you don't agree with everything that they do but at least they aren't just window dressing.

The only thing that cheers me about this at all is that this strategy is going to back fire very soon. Eventually, enough women who grew up after the seventies are going to be voting adults. And even if their politics are conservative they are not going to like this idea that the wife can't speak her mind to her husband. Eventually, calling a woman out for having frizzy hair is going to become fucking unacceptable.

I just hope it is soon.

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