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Voting Rant, AGAIN

I am going to rant now.

I have touched on this subject before. In fact, I have spent whole entries talking about it.

But I will again.

People need to FUCKING VOTE.

At this point I don't even care who you vote for, but this is America. Freedom has a price, and that price is an obligation to take part in the system. This is an itty-bitty price to pay for BIG, HUGE rewards.

A co-worker, who I fear is trying to make me despise her (because this is accidental than she is truly hateful) came over yesterday because she saw the CNN headline that some one, who people suspected of being Deep Throat, had died.

"Why are they writing about porn on CNN," she asked.

I thought she was kidding. I really did.

When I realized she wasn't I told her they are talking about Deep Throat from Watergate.

Another blank look.

She doesn't know about WATERGATE.

Nothing. This woman has a political science degree. From a university.

Then she tells me she hasn't voted since 1996.

I hate people like this. I hate them. She sat her and told me she was too busy and too uninformed. NO. You are willfully ingnorant. You choose not to be informed. You choose not to care. Which I call bullshit on.

Too me, not voting is worse than stealing. It is worse than adultery. It is horrible.

People died so you could vote. Think about that. And you are letting every single person in the country down when you don't. Voter apathy is the cause or problems in this country. As much as I want to blame George Bush, it isn't his fault. The only reason the man even had a shot at the election last time is that people were too lazy to learn a new name and they thought, "well his daddy didn't burn the country down so maybe he won't either."

Or they didn't vote. Because it didn't matter.

But it did, didn't it?

I mean I have to give this co-worker credit. She is updating her voter registration so she can vote this November.

Except she wants to vote absentee. Because it "is too much work to go and vote."

I really do hate people.

I hate that shit. Go vote. It takes fucking ten minutes. You spend more than that getting coffee at Starbucks. Quit being such a fucking lazy bitch.

See, I can't even make an argument here. Because I can't think for a moment of a reason people wouldn't do this.

There is a lot at stake right now. Big things. Like women's issues, gay marriage, gun-control, drug laws, the war, terrorism. And that is just on the national level. Local elections are huge too. What about schools and taxes and law enforcement.

I am ashamed that it is people who are my age that are like this. Who care so little about others. Who start voting when something bad happens to them.

I remember going with my mother to the polls when I was a little kid. My parents didn't talk about politics at home because they didn't agree and still don't and never will and didn't want to fight about it. But I know that they both take this responsibility very seriously.

And they should.

And so should you.

Go make sure you are registered. Read up on the issues. Don't let me or fox news or some dumb ass who doesn't know what Watergate is make your decisions for you.

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