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Yay Team!

Ya'll my softball team made the CHAMPIONSHIPS!

And the Fates really tried to stop us. Our game was supposed to be at 6:15. Our coach was out of town, we had just enough people (actually a female player short) and some how the schedule got messed up. Actually we are not entirely sure we played the right game on Monday (though it didn't matter since both top seeds one).

At any rate our game was at 9:15.

Three hours.

People are troopers, pretty much everyone came back. One guy even called around to find us another girl to play.

J and I just stayed down there. Hung out with his friend Ryan and his three year old daughter.

Alyssa and I are bestest friends now, even though she cannot say my name and her dad got mad when I let her wear my John Kerry for President button. We played spaceman and threw french fries at her dad and cheered very loudly for the all-black, gospel choir singing team that was playing the game ahead of us. We loved them, they were called the Disciples and sang between innings.

They lost. But they put up a good fight.

So it is finally our game. And its that team from a couple of weeks ago who stalled the game so they could win.

And we kicked the holy SHIT out of them.

Mercy rule in the fifth inning.

So we are going to the championships again this year. Playing the same team we played last year (and lost). The same team we lost to last week.

I really want to win the really big shiney trophy.

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