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I am So Unusual

How sad is it that I am like #2 on the google hit list for "gassy woman?"


I made the best cd EVER last week. I know all the words to every single song on it and sing along much too loudly.

But the mix has made me realize that I have the most bizarre music taste ever known to man.

Here is a short list of what is on the cd:

Its Not Unusual (Tom Jones)

Tainted Love (Soft Cell)

Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton)

Wild World (Cat Stevens)

Joey (Concrete Blonde)

Mama He's Crazy (The Judds)

Beat on the Brat (The Ramones)

I mean I have the Judds and the Ramones back to back here people. I am the only person in the world that could possibly like every song on this cd. But I do. In a deep and ashamed way. I mean, come on, Islands in the Stream? People thought that shit was corny in the eighties when it came out. Listen to the lyrics, it doesn't even make sense.

I need to cut back though, I will only listen to it eighty-four thousand times today.

That seems do-able.


Big game tonight. Playing for the championship. Lets just hope my luck of not making a complete ass of myself holds out for one more game.


Mary Kay Letourneau gets out of prison today.

That actually pisses me off.

If she had been a man they would have locked her away forever. Instead they keep letting her out so she can get impregnated again by this kid that she has totally fucked up.

I actually felt the most sorry for her husband when all of this happened. He was just a regular guy, working really hard trying to take care of his family.

Can you imagine going to work the day after this story comes out? I mean everyone knows that your wife has been boning a sixth grader?

And her KIDS? Jesus.

Ten bucks says she violates her restraining order the first week.

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