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Today was just a rush of things to do and trying to get J off to this funeral.

I went to the doctor. To have him worry me to death and put me through a bunch of tests and then tell me he would know more next week.

Basically he agreed that it was not normal that I was so tired. He said he could tell that I didn't look well. I also had a mild fever. And when he palpated my abdomen I about screamed when he hit my liver, he said it didn't feel enlarged. So a billion tests later, the only one they could call me about what my kidney screen, which was ok.

Also he told me that the last person he had come in complaining of being tired like this had lymphoma.


But I am sure it is not that. I am just being careful because my nag of a husband forces me to be.

Then I had to go get J some pants to wear to this funeral. Unfortunately, he has gained about fifteen pounds in the past three months. That is what happens when you sit at a desk all day and still eat like you are sixteen. So none of his dress pants fit him and none really looked good enough to wear to this funeral.

So I did that.

And then stalked the pharmacy trying to get his painkillers filled.

They never did get filled. He went without them. And I am staying here.

I hate that. I really wanted to go with him. I know he is upset and his back is killing him and I really didn't want him to be driving all night alone.

But no one could watch the dogs so here I am.

Right as he was leaving a storm started. It was pouring rain with lightening and thunder. Seriously, practically a flash flood. I know because I was at Target in flip flops standing in two feet of water.

I know that Seattle has this reputation of rain but it never rains hard. It just rains every day all winter.

So it was stormy and dark and traffic was all fucked up. I really didn't want him to go.

I keep trying to tell myself to quit being so crazy and it is not an omen.

But honestly, if he gets himself killed in a car crash I will just kill him.

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