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Fucking Engineers

I dented my car today.

Or, as I put it to Mr. Anyabeth, Gerome got a clefted chin today.

It is a little itty bitty dent. So small that I am sure that J would have never ever noticed it. But I am a terrible liar. And when he did notice it I would have confessed having kept it from him in the sad and pitiful tones of a mother who drowned a litter of kittens because she could not afford the milk for them to eat but told her first grader that they went to a farm to play with cows.

Holy crap, run on sentence.

I had a little adventure parking at the mall today. A little adventure where Gerome got a little bitty dent (CHIN CLEFT) from a great big cement pole.

It is possible that I misjudged how large the parking space was.

It is also possible that the idiots who designed the parking garage were fools and put a cement pole in a stupid and DANGEROUS place.

I will let you decide which possibility you believe.

I am sure you are just puzzled about which one I prefer.

Fucking engineers.

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