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Everyone knows my husband is near perfection.


I mean he pisses me off and is a big baby but he puts up with my crazy ass and that counts for a lot in my world.

And he is pretty fair. We both do about the same amount of work. Yes, I do all of the laundry, but I haven't done dishes in a year. He is the one that does the yard, but the man has never once dusted.

Pretty even Steven.

But we all have scars from our childhoods and one of mine has to do with laundry. Now my father didn't do anything in the house when I was growing up and when he did it was a big occasion. He was "helping."

Even now, that still makes me mad. That cleaning your own house is "helping" your wife. Especially one that works full time.

At any rate, each week my mother would do the laundry. And all of us would have a stack of clothes lined up on the back of the couch to take to our rooms and put it away. And my father would walk by that stack a hundred times and never pick it up. Days would go by and my mother would eventually put it away herself.

That bothered me. It was as if he thought so little of the work that she did that he couldn't be bothered to do his tiny share. Like she was his maid or something. Even when I got older, and knew that he wasn't intending it that way it bothered me. It felt disrespectful and rude and sexist.

I hated it. And I hated just a piece of my father for doing it. Every week. And I swore, in that way that little kids do, that when I grew up my husband wouldn't treat me that way.

And he doesn't. He doesn't think it is in any way my job to keep this house clean for him. Or to wash his clothes. He thinks that it is our job to do it together. It is one of the things that I love most about him.


You knew this was coming.

When I do the laundry, I put his out his clothes to be put away. And he will walk by that pile no matter where I put it. For weeks if I let him. Sometimes he can't tell if something is clean anymore and I have to wash it again.

I know that he just doesn't think about it. He is being thoughtless.

But it is like what I do is not important. That he doesn't give a shit about my time or my work or anything.

And it bugs me.

I say things to him about it. Tell him that it hurts my feelings. That he should just get off his ass and put his clothes away.

I don't know why he doesn't.

I know letting it bother me is ridiculous. He is not trying to be insensitive.

It just does bother me.

Since he can't seem to not do it. I am going to bother him.

Better go run off and open all the kitchen cabinets. He LOVES that.

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