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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my twenty-sixth birthday.

I am sort of ambivilient about that.

I woke up yesterday and told J to enjoy his last day of having a young wife. Not because twenty-six is so old. But because I am not twenty-five any more. I remember being in sixth grade and thinking that twenty-five was the last year you were young. That everything was awful and old and you were just going to die after that.

Oddly, I didn't die at the stroke of midnight. But I was born at noon so give me a couple of hours and we'll find out if I was just overly dramatic at twelve, or prophetic.

I am not quite the person that I thought I would be at this age.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. I am not unhappy with my life, to be honest I have a good thing going here.

My job kind of blows, but that is ok, it won't blow forever and no one can have everything.

I have a house (no decent furniture but that is really my own damn fault really isn't it). A great husband (who finally DID fold the laundry this weekend). Two adorable dogs. A great family. Nice friends.

I never thought I would be married. If you pulled my sixteen year old self aside and told her that we would be married for three + years at this stage, I/she would have been APALLED. Then she might have checked him out and decided he was sort of hot and gotten used to the idea. I always was an easy going sort.

She would think my job is bullshit. And it is. But she would like that so many people are impressed by it. She would think it was hilarious that people are impressed by it. She would like the money we make.

She would be embarassed that we don't have a college degree. And, to be honest, I was embarassed by that myself until a year or two ago. Now I think that I learned a lot more by not finishing college. That being said, my kids are TOTALLY going.

She would love my hair.

She would ask me what the fuck is going on with my acne. It wouldn't be her acne. She didn't have acne then.

Twenty-five was a pretty good year. My husband finished school and got a job and things started to really happen for us. Twenty-six needs to be better.

My skin should clear up. I am not young anymore you know.

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