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Emotional Roller Coaster

Ok the past couple of days have been just fucked up beyond belief. Scary things have happened, sad things have happed. It has just been rough rough rough. Some highlights and lowlights:

1. Walking behind this man spitting out entire mouthfuls of blood on the sidewalk. Monica almost threw up on him.

2. Adopting two new kitties from a co-worker. I am cautiously optimistic about how this is going. They have been here twelve hours. My dogs are very interested in them. They are very interested in avoiding the dogs. And one of them, Rooster, bit J last night. But, no one has died and that is important.

3. Having my boob grabbed at random by a stranger on the street yesterday. This is still creeping me out and I am not sure how to feel about it. Mostly like kicking the guys ass. If I knew what he looked like.

4. Leaving work on time for the fourth day in a row. PERSONAL BEST!

5. Having a message on my answering machine from a prospective employer. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

6. Getting a pedicure this afternoon with my mother. Also having lunch and going to Ikea. That is a damn good day.

7. J getting a ticket yesterday for misuse of the carpool lane--putting off our painting the living room until we have more money. FUCK.

8. Jbro calling last night and saying that he got a call from the forestry service and they may have a place for him in camp in two weeks. PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive this week. It has been crazy and emotional and please God I really want my period SOON. Next week will be better I promise. I will talk about my boobs and poop and why I really really want to have sex with some Olympians.

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