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Elevator Rage

I have this thing about elevators.

As in, I want to hurt the people I ride in them with.

I took this sociology class in college. And we had this whole discussion about elevator etiquette (there was a whole study about this, which I am too lazy to look up that college freshmen all study and feel all smart and cool while reading). Basically, this study found that all people follow certain patterns of this behavior and if you deviate from it people will freak out. Being a college freshman attending school in an itty bitty town I had to wait until a shopping trip to Kansas City to test this out and YES it does freak people out.

At any rate, there are a few things that people do in elevators that make me want to push them down the shaft (oddly, none of them were part of the study).

1. Go up or down one floor. Of course there are exceptions. If you are pregnant or injured or whatever, then OF COURSE, use the elevator. But if you are just too freaking lazy? Please don't hold up the rest of us. (This does not apply in department stores).

2. Talk on the cell phone. Especially LOUDLY. Especially about things like rashes or your sex life. Also, your bad connection. Why not get out of the steel structure before bitching about static?

3. Wearing perfume or strong lotions. Actually this irritates me all the time but especially in the elevator. Its a closed-in space and people cannot leave. Also, please use SOAP.

4. Singing along with the music. I think this is self-explanatory.

5. Holding the door open for every damn person in creation. This is especially big here at the Workplace, which is the chickiest place ever. There are four elevators here and ten floors. If you can see the person and the elevator is not full, than hold the elevator. If you just think you hear the door opening and they may not even NEED the elevator? DO NOT HOLD IT FOR TEN MINUTES.

Today is not the best day.

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