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Best Friend, Relaxation, and the FUCKING CAT

I got my surprise birthday present from my lovely lovely husband on Thursday. He had flown my best friend T here to visit me for the weekend. WHEEEEEEEE!

Except I really would have liked a little more notice so that my house would be clean and I would not have greeted her in my pajamas and by yelling "What the FUCK are YOU DOING HERE?" at her.

So we had a lovely lovely weekend. We went shopping and ate too much and had tea and goofed around. It was not the drunken debauchery of days of old. It was just us, relaxing, possibly breathing deeply for the first time in weeks.

There is something about being around your friend, the one friend you have that you know doesn't judge you and will always be on your side. Even if you are clearly wrong. That friend will let you get over yourself and your shit, even for five minutes.

And they will be the best five minutes.

So I love my husband. It was a tremendous weekend. I sent her home with about eighty-four thousands things bought at various Seattle establishments and we both look a lot happier.


Then I took a pregnancy test. It was negative. I really thought I was this time. I have been so sick and so tired and so off eating anything that I thought this had to be it.

Its not. I have to go to the doctor. Because this cannot all be stress.

This is the sad part of the weekend.


Then the FUCKING CAT got out. And we cannot find her. This was at four this morning. And I looked for two hours. Nothing. And I cannot tell the girl who gave her to us so I am hoping that she just doesn't ask about them. Possibly ever. Are cats able to find their way home? After just a week living there? I hope so.

I hope she comes home.


So that was my weekend. Some serious highs and lows. I just have to get through three days this week. I have an interview Thursday and the day off Friday and then no work Monday.


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