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Missing Kitty Update

Big Kitty is still missing.

We haven't had these two cats very long, but it is odd how I miss her. I miss looking for her inside instead of outside. I miss laughing at her when she tries to cram her fat fat ass into my entertainment unit. And I miss applauding for her when she succeeds.

Rooster is taking her absence remarkably well considering that she has to feel abandoned. First by Mom and then by Sister.

The little boy next door has been looking for her all week. He came by today and brought me flowers that he had picked in the open space because he was so sorry that he couldn't find her. His mom says that he looks everywhere for her--places like his closet and at Target.

He is two ya'll, he is not stupid.

She was taking him to the pet store to have him "find" a kitty there.

Big Kitty does not know what trouble she is causing. She is out in the wild, eating blackberries and going crazy with the other neighborhood cats. They have a gang. We see them all the time. They practically have members only jackets on. I am sure BK is their fresh meet and is having a grand time.

Good God I hope she is fixed.

We have been told by so many people that she will come home one day. And every day she doesn't.

Goddamn cat.

Am trying to write a flier to post in the neighborhood so that people know to watch for her. This is hard for a cat you barely know.


Fat female cat (see above photo)



Does not answer to the name Big Kitty



Will run like mad if your approach her

Will not allow you to pick her up

Will bolt out of your door like lightening if you take her inside

Please contact Anyabeth or Mr. Anyabeth at 555-1212

What do you think?

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