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Yankee Killers

Anyone else tired of KittyGate? Fucking cat should just come home already.


Am trying not to enjoy the Red Sox surge vs. Yankee meltdown. Failing miserably but totally trying. When you are married to a Yankee fan (and one that is an ass about it) you take your sports jollies where you can get them. I couldn't enjoy the Marlins winning the World Series last year fully--because it should have been my Cubbies. But God help me, if the Red Sox catch the Yankees it will be pretty much the best day of my life.

I know that is sad.

I know it is very very sad.

Trust me when I say that I feel bad about this. But the only things that could beat it are equally sad. Like the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the ALCS. Or the Cubs beating the Yankees in the World Series.

I am a pathetic human being. And a terrible wife. Because the things that would make me most happy in this world would make my husband cry.

But such beautiful tears.

The whole world should be cheering against the fucking Yankees. They are fascists bastards. They like Pepsi better than Coke. They do not put ketchup on their hot dogs. Mother fuckers do not like ice cream.

They are all that is wrong with the world and seeing them beat by their most hated foes is all that is right.

Ok. I need to calm down or something. I am all flushed.

Mark my words, this could be a GREAT month.

It already is, my husband is starting to sweat.

God Bless American indeed.

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