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Mama He's Crazy

If you want a way to spice up your commute home, might I suggest a sing along? Pop in the Judds (in particular "Mama, He's Crazy"), sing along using your best Kentucky accent, wonder (maybe even aloud) why you and your mother never started a singing group and become country music sensations, remember that it is because neither of you can sing. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

That is the best fucking song.


I really hate J Crew. Every few months I go in there, get really shitty service and swear I will never go back. The problem is their pants fit me really well. And they have cute shit.

Today I go in to buy their 2 for $30 tissue t's (which I am not linking to because I am pissed) and they continue this string of crap. They have about eight million size extra smalls and one large (seriously, anyone who knows anything about retail knows that means buy more FUCKING LARGES), no one helps me, I have to wait about ten years at the counter and then the girl who rings me up gets the prices wrong.

But I will still go back because they have the cutest blazer that I NEED. In green!

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