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Wheepy Weekend

Its been a lovely weekend. J spent Friday night trying to lure the cat back in the house--a plan that involved him sleeping on the floor with various kitty baits (her pillow, food, etc) to get her to step into the house so he could slam the door shut.

The plan failed miserably.

Yesterday we went out for a really good lunch at this Mexican place by the river. Not only is the food good and the view nice. But its by the river! Which I feel gives it a certain air. Like something might happen down there. Just anything at all. Like seeing a dead body or kayakers. Actually we did see kayakers. Which makes me wonder what kind of people kayak? Especially past a Mexican place? Wouldn't that just make you want to stop with the exhertion and just have a shot of tequila?

Today I went shopping with my mother. I admired her new haircut. And I bullied her into buying the Long and Lean jeans from the Gap (the jeans that look fantastic on everyone but me. I also bought new boots from a woman from Bosnia who told me that her hair is dyed this lovely (and highly unnatural looking) shade of red because she went into the war with brown hair and came out with grey. And felt like she deserved a lift with red. Then she had me show her what coins she needed to make change.

The best part of the weekend by far was bothering my husband. Every time I was bored or felt annoyed or whatever I would just turn around and tell him "Honey, I feel WHEEPY."

It is still funny. I imagine that won't last.

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