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The PPs

I am ready for that new, all-important vaccine to come out. You know the one that I am talking about? The one that cures I-PODS.

Actually, I would take a gun that could just wipe I-Pod owners off the face of the earth just as quickly. Its not the I-Pods that are bothering me, they are just doing their music-playing in a convenient format thing. But the I-Pod owners? Can just. Fuck. Themselves.

There is something so smug and annoying about them. With their little white cords hanging off their ears. You seem them everywhere. On the street. On the bus.

And I don't actually have a problem with that. Using an personal music device on public transit is actually CONSIDERATE. Which does not describe your average commuter so go bratty spendy yuppies with your fucking I-Pods. I mean, so much less bulky than the ghetto blaster that the rude gang-affiliated youth was using on my bus last week!

However, I-Pod people, or Pod People, or PPs, are just so annoying about it. They want to talk about sound quality and how much storage they have. Fuck that. I don't know ANYTHING about sound quality. And I am a very happy person (recent diagnosis of depression aside of course).

And they take them fucking everywhere. I just saw a woman in my office using hers at the COPIER. I mean I understand needing music in the car. On the bus. While doing yard work. I even get why people use earphones at work. I have done it myself. But if you need to have the music in order to get yourself through copying papers than you need to get yourself some goddamn therapy.

The whole thing just smacks of "ooh look at me!" in a way that makes me want to hit this woman with a bat.

But I won't. Need to be gainfully employeed and all that.

In otherwords, my day is LOVELY. Thank you for asking.

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