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Monica Had Her Baby!

Monica had her baby ya'll!

After looking beautiful her entire pregnancy she had to go and make us all hate her more by having a fairly easy and fast delivery. And looking skinny already. She called me about two hours after the baby.

Things that make me love Monica just a little bit more:

1. After I asked her if the baby was cute responding, "Well, she's hairy. And looks like John." So that would be no?? "Oh well of course she is!"

2. Managing to prove my theory that if you promise the baby a car while still in utero, they will not rip you in half on their way out.

3. Grumbling two hours after delivery, "She's already crying."

Seriously. I love Monica.


One of my favorite things about myself is that once I don't get something I wanted, I can totally convince myself that I never wanteded it. **

So this weekend after I didn't get the new job I decided that it totally wasn't for me. I mean, I would have liked it. I can recognize that. But J and I really want to own our own business. And I really want to have a baby in the next couple of years. And those things don't necessarily work with me bailing out of my secure and high maternity leave paying job.

So if something great comes along, I will take it. If not, I can handle that too. At least for another week when I decide that I hate this place and cannot stand it one more second.

**Unfortunately, the flip side of this quality is true also. That I decide I do not want something and as soon as I can't have it, then I WANT it. This is understandably not my favorite thing about myself.

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