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Had a good weekend. Watched the Red Sox beat the crap out of the Yankees (my husband was a little white faced--which is always a good thing). Had dinner with my parents. Slept all day Friday.

My sister made it through ANOTHER hurricane alright, with her house still standing and with none of my nieces and nephews (cats) lost or looted. Its impressive really. If I were her I would have booked a giant UHaul out of that state a couple of weeks ago.

I have been on the anti-depressant meds for two weeks. I am so thankful that I tried them.

I realize that I hid the medication jackpot here. My doctor and stupid HMO came up with a compromise medication in a dosage that actually worked for me. I know that often with these meds you have to try dozens before you find one that works and that doesn't kill you with side effects. I also know that if the first one we tried didn't work I would never have tried another. That I would have taken that as proof that I was not depressed.

I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. To want to get out of bed every morning. To enjoy things. I had totally lost touch with what that felt like.

I remember now. And the only price I have to pay is a $25 co-pay and a serious case of dry mouth. Well $25 is about the price of a bottle of vodka and even more effective. The dry mouth, well the dry mouth is killing me.

I cannot explain this to anyone honestly. I never thought dry mouth was any big deal as a side effect. And compared to strange bleeding or stroke it isn't and I still think that. However, dry mouth is not to be sneezed at. Most of the day I feel as though I have been looking a very hairy carpet (EW not that kind FILTHY MINDS). My mouth is dry (duh), my throat scratchy. I could drink gallons of water and still feel this way. And I do. Which is the annoying part. Because I have to pee literally all of the damn time.

I have been told that this problems gets better with time. That after a couple of weeks it stops being a big deal. I don't know if it is because your mouth stops being dry or if it is because people just stop whining about it. I don't believe I will ever stop whining about it so let us all just hope that it is the former.

All and all I am doing better. I appreciate all the notes and emails that you all have sent. I know I am terrible at responding but know that those mean a lot to me.

Don't worry. We will have a lot less crying and anti-depressant talk and where is the damn cat chatter soon. And Frank, I promise to talk about poop more.

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