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My Jordan

Ya'll. I realized who J looks like. He looks like Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block! Not the one from my teen years, but the one that is currently appearing on Surreal Life 2. Going to VH1 and look it up. I'll wait.

If you want to be disturbed consider that I think this is a good thing. First of all, I am living my pre-teen fantasy of fucking (and being married to) Jordan Knight. Second, I get to do this without actually being married to him. Third, no one ever stares at us in public or asks my husband why he is such a fucking has-been.

Its awesome!

I have a feeling that J will refuse to sing "You've Got the Right Stuff" to me in bed tonight. Because he is DIFFICULT. However, I am fairly certain he will do some of the dance moves. If I promise to do dirty things to him afterwards that is.

And honestly, who could resist my Jordan?

The only thing is, I sort of wish he were Jordan Cattalono.

Who am I kidding? I would be fucking Jordan Cattalono right now.

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