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Workplace Rules

I believe I have mentioned that my workplace is the chickiest place in America. It is overwhelmingly staffed by women. And our customers are mostly women.

And the result is this sort of bizarre social construct of sorority house and high school and boardroom. There are these elaborate social mores and manners. And God help you if you deviate from them.

Some of them are lovely. Actually, most are. We smile at each other in the hallways. We tell total strangers to have good days in the elevator.
But some are just weird. And counter-productive.

We hold the door for each other. This is nice and chivalrous. The men do it, and will go to elaborate lengths to make sure that you exit the elevator first, and I think that is great manners. And I certainly do hold the door open for others. But honestly, it is to the point where I feel guilt if I do not hold it for some one who is fifty feet away from me. Or if I let the elevator close when I here some one walk through a door down the hall.

That is borderline ridiculous. But I have learned the hard way that the last thing you want is for any of these people to think you are rude. My first month with the company I failed to smile in the hallway at some one I didn't know and had never seen. She later complained to my manager that I was not a team player.


The rest of our rules involve telling other women that they are prettier than you, admiring their hair, and comparing engagement rings 9000 times. I can handle all of that.

But I am terrible with this layer of faux-politeness. It feels plastic and unnatural.

But I guess that is the nature of working with all women.

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