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Predictions and Ho-Hum

Spent the weekend in bed and not even in a good way. Sick. Fever. Headache. Sore throat. The works.

Life is funny that way, finally get past your depression so that you want to get out of bed and your baseball team tanks (missing the playoffs) and you get sick so you can't get out of bed.


Here are my picks for baseball (written down so I can brag when I am completely right):

National league:
Houston beats Atlanta, St. Louis beats the Dodgers. Houston takes St. Louis in seven.

American League:
Yankees over Minnesota. Boston over the Angels. Boston in seven.

World Series:
Boston beats Houston in seven.

Should be an epic.

The J-Dad drama has not improved. We are afraid to answer our phone. We are afraid he will just show up. Mainly we are just afraid.

I am just really glad that it is not my family. Between my drama and this J might leave me. But this totally settles the score for my summer of being a pain in the ass.

Alright. Playoffs start tomorrow. The election is in 30 days.


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