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Flashing Lawn Boys and Febreeze

My house still smells like animal. I mean I know that is shocking given that we have two dogs, a cat and a J.

This morning I decided to fight back. I got up, vacumned, fought the pet stains with carpet cleaner, sprayed them with carpet deoderizer, coated the entire bedroom is Febreeze, changed the sheets and put in a new Glad Plug-In.

Dear God, it is beautiful.

Then I layed in bed and ate apples and peanut butter while watching reruns of Gilmore Girls.

I fucking love Fridays.

Kerry is up in the polls. This renews my faith in America.

Please let us win in November. I do not want to have to move to Canada. What if they do not have Febreeze?
I accidentally flashed the yard guys this morning.

The dogs were freaking out, wanting to go out. I let them out. I carefully didn't stand by the door because I didn't have pants on. Unfortunately, I stood in front of the window. With the curtains open.

Wearing see-through underwear.

The bright side is they seem to have done a great job on the lawn this morning.

I should have just taken off my top, maybe they would have weeded the flower beds.

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