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Acne and Body Hair

Ya'll I have the biggest zit ever between my eyes. It is red and scabby and swollen and HUGE. It looks like a third eye. A third eye infected with pink eye. Its nasty.

And I do not care.

Because I got my period last night!

Can I get a wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its been three months people! Three fucking months. I actually danced when I got it last night. DANCED MOTHERFUCKERS DANCED!

I can handle big giant pimples that threaten to bump into things if I get my period.

Of course I will be bitching about it tomorrow.

I was in the bathroom at the mall yesterday when I noticed something alarming.

There was a strip of hair on my leg. It was perfectly smooth above this strip and below this strip. But this strip was LONG. Like I could braid the hair.

And I know that thigh hair is a slippery slope. My mother hasn't shaved above the knee since 1982. And I have seen that. Its not pretty.

I mean I don't have a lot of body hair. And its all blond. But was I shaving with my eyes closed for like a year or what?!

Leg hair and periods. I am HOT today.

No wonder J shrinks my sweaters.

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