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And a Step Back

Ya'll my heart is a little crushed right now. The Yankees kicking the crap out of the Red Sox was more then a little disheartening. I am sure I will survive. I am just not sure how.

I mean I am going to have to live with J gloating all fucking winter again.

Between that and the little mini-breakdown I had last night (full on anxiety attack with tears and freaking out) I am not doing so hot today.

And poor J couldn't even enjoy the Yankee victory because he was watching me have a big giant moment.

I'll be better soon.

Of course this morning I had a moment thinking about how I would never survive if we had to live in Nigeria because they probably do not have Fuji apples and Coca Cola. My heartbeat got all fast. I felt a little feverish.

Maybe those meds aren't working as well as I thought.

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