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Baseball Blues

I am really tired of the fucking Red Sox.

Did they have to just kneel down and take it in the ass from the Yankees? Could they put up a fight at least? GODDAMN. I am going to have to listen to my husband crow about this for a YEAR as the Yankees steamroll their way to another World Series.

Have had a nice mellow weekend. Yesterday we ate giant breakfasts and then went record shopping.

I went to bed early with a migraine. And thanks to my friend Tylenol PM and my lovely husband (who removed the dogs from the room early this morning) I didn't wake up until 9 this morning. I promptly had a breakfast of a bagel and apple and a Coca Cola in front of the History Channel.

Now that is what I call a Sunday morning.

I still have my headache, even though I have done nothing today. Am probably going to go lay in my bed and cry for a while.

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