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Hang On

God I just want the Red Sox to hang on.

My marriage just barely survives the post season. I can't help it. I hate the Yankees. And J loves them. And I confess I enjoy his pain.

I mean I don't really enjoy that he suffers. I worry about him actually. But his is such an unsufferable blowhard about baseball that I can't help but enjoy when the Yanks lose-especially when that is something that I would want anyway.

He is going to have a stroke before this game is over though.

He does act like a total dick during the games. Snapping at me. Carrying on like I personally make calls against his team. I know he can't help it. I know he really really can't. But seriously. You are not making me cheer for the Yankees here. You are making me wish for a beanball to Jeter's head.

God. I love postseason baseball though. My heartrate has been elevated for a week and that just cannot be healthy. To counterbalance I am eating mini-Kit Kats and playing online poker. If I had a laptop so I could do that while watching the game in bed life would just about be perfect.

Keep your fingers crossed and your rally caps going.

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