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Four Days a Week

I have heard people talk about not being able to crap at work. I have never understood this. I thought it was weird.

And now it appears that I am the opposite.

I have been having this unprecedented streak of regularity. Pooping every day at about 8 in the morning. Pooping every day rocks ya'll. I can see why people do it really.

And Monday through Thursday this is working for me. I get to work. Do some email. Drink some water. Finish my breakfast. Its all lovely. And then I go and start my day. Its nice. Convenient.

Something happens on the weekends though. Because I cannot shit on Friday through Sunday.

Perhaps my intestinal tract enjoys the relative privacy available here at work. I mean I can have the stall door shut. At home if I shut the door a trio of dogs and cats tries to break it down.

Or maybe my colon is comforted by the sheer amount of toilet paper that is present. I usually have only one roll at home, but there are dozens in the holder at work.

Or maybe my body just likes getting paid to take a dump.

That is the most likely option.

All I know is I have this pooping thing figured out. At least for four days a week.

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