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The Mommy Chop

Got a haircut today. He refused to do the messy supershort Sharon Stone style cop I wanted on the grounds that I would have "a big puffy helmet of hair and would Rambo the salon."

Drama queen.

Instead I have a slightly longer messy style. After he wouldn't do what I wanted I said, "Fine do whatever you want but don't make me look like a mom in Keds or I will cry."

Which is true. I am totally afraid of having mommy hair.

And this man can cut the shit out of my hair but man he cannot style it. Because I totally had mommy hair when he was done. I was thinking maybe I should stop at Target and get some fake keds to go with my fucking hair. And maybe some CAPRI pants. And ya'll know how I feel about capri pants.

Then I went and had lunch with my dad and ate a giant prime rib sandwich with cheese. Things were looking up. On our walk back we got caught in the rain. My hair looked SHOCKINGLY better once it had been rained on. And once I got home, played with it myself I was rocking a much better look.

So I don't have to go tomorrow and shoot up the salon. Its a good thing. My machine gun is in the shop.

Apparently Big Kitty is alive and well. J saw her and PICKED HER UP THIS MORNING.

And then dropped her when she scratched him. Fucking wuss. So she is MIA again.

I almost with he hadn't seen her. I had gotten used to this idea that something awful had happened to her and she really wished she could come home. But now I know that she just hates us and would rather be in the fucking rain and cold than come in.


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