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Today Blows

I am having the worst day ever.

I woke up this morning with about eight million zits. My skin had a serious rebellion and HATES me. I had to do my makeup twice because it just looked like I had tried to cover that shit in spackle the first time.

Then my outfit looked stupid so I had to find another. And the dog peed on our clean laundry basket.

And I dropped half my bagel in the space between the fridge and the counter and ya'll know I used a meatfork to retrieve it. Fuck the six second rule I was hungry.

Then we hit crazy traffic and were late to work.

I had a meeting first thing this morning and found out after I was there that I didn't need to be there but couldn't just leave because I would look rude. Then I went and peed and it BURNED. And then I threw up.

Yes, I believe I have a bladder infection.

So J has to come pick me up and take me home so I can die in peace.

After I go and pee in a cup at the Dr's office of course.

Today sucks.

I guess I will just try tomorrow.

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