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I Am Begging

I am becoming really afraid that we are going to re-elect George Bush.

Ya'll if that happens it is because he has pulled some serious bullshit. His big brother deciding that 58000 absentee ballots wouldn't be mailed. His party making sure that voter districts in the black neighborhoods have their locations moved. His volunteers destroying the registrations of Democrat voters.

He is trying to win by preventing people from voting.

As an American, a woman, a Jew, a PERSON I am TERRIFIED that this man will be in office. He will create an internation situation that my grandchildren will still be trying to get out from under. It will not be safe for Americans anywhere. Our economy will be in the toilet. Our official religion will be Christianity.

Four years and he will never have to face voters again.

Please stop this from happening people. Do all that you can to vote. Even if you are voting for him. Make the winner of the election be some one that a record number of Americans voted for. Prove to both parties that they need to win elections the real way, by getting citizens to do their civic duty.

And I have been thinking about all the personal sacrafices I would make if it would make it 100% certain that John Kerry would be elected.

I would eat broccoli every day for a year.

I would listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

I would cheer (GULP) for ALEX RODRIGUEZ.

I would not buy a handbag or a pair of shoes for a year.

I would stop eating apples.

I would let my husband pick my outfits.

I would perform really sincere fellatio on most voters in Ohio.

Seriously ya'll. I would do just about anything.

So the least you, my faithful readers, could do, is make DAMN SURE that you vote next Tuesday. Even if it is for the other guy.

Mark it D and let it be ya'll!

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