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I really hope that the media will leave Bill Buckner alone now. Him and Pesky. Just leave those guys alone. Let them be.

And how I wish I could go to Boston for the parade this weekend. This was the best postseason ever. I will be telling my kids about this. The year that their daddy turned into a bitter shell of a man.


J is not taking this well. Which makes it better honestly. He doesn't seem to know or want to accept that his team is done. They have nothing to trade with. Will have to restock with free agents. And they will be carrying a huge payroll for little to no payoff for the next five seasons at least.

Suck it Yankee Boy!

I can't say this all outloud of course. I don't need him to be holding my head under water.


I did manage to escape from the Pampered Chef's party in my neighborhood last night.

If you are lucky enough not to know what Pampered Chef is, it is one of these bullshit home businesses that women invite their friends to parties in order to force them into buying overpriced household goods.

Its an ugly cycle. If you go to one, you have to go to every single one until the day you die. And eventually you are selling cosmetics out of the trunk of your car hoping to win the pink Caddy.

My neighbor was having one last night. She is so nice. Such a good neighbor. But god. I hate gatherings of women. Its all husband bitching and hearing about how babies don't wipe their own asses. And everyone has big giant bangs.


But we left work late and we went to Target.

And just missed the party.

Thank GOD.

This is the fifth one I have managed to dodge since we moved in. I am thinking that we will have to move soon.

Preferably to someplace where the Pampered Chef is fucking outlawed.

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