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Its Today

I voted today. Did you?

I keep hearing that people are voting against George Bush and not for John Kerry. I don't really get that. All through this process, the primaries and the general campaign, J and I talked about how we were really proud to be able to vote for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. That they really stood for our core values.

I think that this election is the opportunity for America to really change the course of our history. I think Kerry has the potential to be one of our greatest Presidents. So far voter turnout has been tremendous. And if nothing else that has been a gift. Because if Bush is re-elected tonight I want it to be because the country really wanted him to be. Not because of indifference.

But I really want Kerry to be elected. I want the chance to see this country change for the better and I really think he is the right man to trust to lead us to that.

But no matter what, go and vote today. Vote your conscience. Vote your beliefs. Do not let anyone or anything stop you. It is an honor and a duty to do that. Make sure you make it yours.

Even if you are voting for the other guy.

If nothing else, this will be my last election entry. WHEE!

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