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Its Friday I'm a Little Scattered

I went shopping today and didn't buy a damn thing. I had money to spend. I was STRONGLY urged to buy new clothes by my husband. And all I did was pay a credit card bill and return something.

My mental illness has invaded my shopping urge. I am very afraid.

I had a dream last night that I was vaulting in the Olympics.


Seriously. No one wants to see that shit. There is a reason that there is never a Naked Olympics on the Spice Channel even though most men have porny thoughts about gymnasts.

Am going to hell.

I just laughed at the dachshund when she tripped over the cord for the heating pad and fell off our futon.

If I ever die in my sleep she will totally eat me before the paramedics get here.

I am so bored. I guess I will go watch Dance 360 and Cold Case Files while playing online poker.

This is such a great combination. It could only be improved by being able to do it in bed.

Anyone want to buy me a laptop?

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