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Close to Equal

I don't really understand women who say they are not feminists. Actually I don't understand PEOPLE who are not feminists. I think that there is this perception that feminism is about hating men or dominating men.

I call bullshit.

The truth is that its about empowering all people. About achieving equality. And that makes life better for every single person.

People don't think about how every child has a mother. And if she can live her life as an equal she will be able to better parent both her daughters and her sons.

How can that hurt anyone?

The worst is that women hide their feminism. They say that it is not essential. That things are close to equal. That men think feminists are unattractive.

Feminism is essential.

We are nowhere near close to equal.

And any man that finds you less attractive because you are feminist isn't worth your time anyway. He did you a favor because he would treat you like shit.

The thing is as a society we like to keep people down. We focus on the negative impact that equality might have instead of the positive things that would come of it.

We try so hard to make Martha Stewart and Hilary Clinton and Teresa Heinz-Kerry into villians that we don't think about what we are really saying.

And that frustrates me. I like in a fairly equal household. My husband respects my opinions. We make decisions to together. We each contribute ideas, values and money to our relationship. We do equal amounts around the house. Sometimes he does more and sometimes I do.

But the world still sees it as my job to do the grocery shopping. To take care of him. He isn't a child. He really isn't even if he acts like one sometimes.

Why do we want to infantilize men to say that they can't take care of their homes and infantilize women at work. Does it really make a difference?

I guess things aren't really equal at my house. J couldn't tell you how to get hard water stains out of the tub and I couldn't tell you how to start the grill. But those are the boundaries that we choose.

And at least we are trying.

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