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Puke Sweater

Last night on my way home from work I didn't feel well.

And I threw up. In my mouth. And had to swallow it.

Let the horror of that settle.

But I was wearing cashmere! I don't own enough cashmere to let anything spill on it let alone VOMIT. I mean. It would be forever the puke sweater.

Don't swallow vomit. Just a tip from me to you.

My night did get better after that. I mean, that is a pretty low point for anyone. I will tell you that a hot shower and a good teeth brushing did help a lot.

So did a bit of a cry.

I am not myself lately. My doctor is probably going to change my meds because I keep having terrible side effects and am back to being exhausted all the time. Its not the same as before. I really don't feel foggy this time. Just TIRED. To the bone tired.

And apparently PUKEY.

I am so so pretty.

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