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One Potato, Two Potato

When I was a kid my mom would sometimes take us to eat dinner or lunch at the mall. Being a fairly picky eater and also a child I always had a cheeseburger and fries. My sister would broaden her horizons. Sometimes she would get pizza.

And my mom would often get a baked potato. Back in the eighties before we cared about fat and carbs these little baked potato huts were in every mall. They served up potatoes smothered in everything you could imagine. Cheese, broccoli, chili, the small intestines of a goat. Whatever.

And they were considered a healthy diet-concious food.

My mother would get them all the time as she was usually dieting. And I would look at her and wonder what it was about being an adult that would make you pass up the delightful perfection of a cheeseburger and fries.

And then this week happened. And all I wanted was a baked potato covered in cheese and butter. But because of the fat and carb nazis, they are not considered healthy anymore. And not available ANYWHERE.

I was craving them all week. Thinking about it way more than it was healthy.

Until J finally convinced me (so hard to do) to go to the store and get potatoes for dinner. We had them last night.


Am actually eating one right now.

Why are there no more baked potato huts in America? Moms in the eighties knew their shit when they convinced us that this was diet food. More potatoes for them.

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