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Am adding another entry about thirty seconds after my last one because I am listening to this conversation:

New Girl That I Hate: I used SO MANY points on Friday. I cannot eat just one non-fat sugar-free cookie. But I was REALLY GOOD this morning. I only had a non-fat decaf latte with NO WHIP and 1/4 of a low-carb english muffin with non-fat peanut butter.

New Girl That I Like But Is Quickly Slipping: OOOOH, those are good. I earned a few more points by walking on the treadmill 42 minutes.

NGTIH: That is SO GOOD! You can have sugar-free jam on that whole wheat low-carb toast with that!


NGTIH: Its important to keep focused. I just keep imagining the horror of having to wear a body shaper at my wedding. I mean, CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I HAD TO WEAR A BODY SLIMMER LIKE SOME HIPPO!?!?!?!?!

I know I bitch about food issues and these diets a lot. But I am sorry. I can't take it. Shut up! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!!

If you read in the paper about some crazy lunatic that was arrested for bludgeoning all her co-workers to death with a WW Points Guide I am truly sorry.

Sorry that I didn't take these bitches out sooner.

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