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Porn and Pills

Am exhausted.

Decided it would be a good plan to just stop taking my meds. Actually I knew this was a fucking stupid plan. But the new ones they have me on make me feel so agressive, so anxious, I can't sleep, I keep throwing up.

I couldn't take it.

So I stopped taking them. NOT HELPING.

Have crazy crazy dreams. This morning I woke up and felt like I never went to sleep. So J and I slept a couple more hours and came in late.

Which only sort of helped.

Hopefully this won't last too much longer.


Anybody else annoyed by the "desperate housewives" on Dr. Phil? Specifically the chick who considered her marriage a sham because he husband likes porn?

The hell?

She doesn't like porn?

I mean, to be fair if she was talking about scary stuff or kiddie porn I would completely understand. But honestly, I get the feeling she is talking about Playboy or Maxim for crying out loud.

So Dr. Phil advises her husband to think about how all the women in those pictures are somebody's daughter.

Well thanks for ruining it for everybody else?

Please. Don't hate porn! That is letting the terrorists win!

Any woman that tries to stop a normal straight man from viewing some normal porn is just ridiculous. Its like those women who freak out because their husbands went to strip clubs for their bachelor parties. WTF?

Naked boobs and g-strings are what this country was founded on. It says so in the Constitution. Or it should.

Seriously, if that is what you are worried about it is because you know your marriage is already fucked up. It has nothing to do with worrying about cheating or exploiting women. Those women are not exploited. They are over 18 and being paid. Its not like people kidnapped underaged dwarfs for porn. I mean, if that is what he was looking at I could see her problem. Other than that? SHUT IT FOOL.

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