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Long Live Tyra

Is it messed up that I think I want to use T Mobile because they sponsor America's Top Model? Because they really should be rewarded for bringing that kind of quality entertainment to UPN. I AM SERIOUS.

The only way that show could be better is if Tyra Banks finally just bitch slaps Ya Ya.

When J and I were first dating I was living with two friends of mine in one of the worst neighborhoods in Seattle. This was the first time in my life that I had ever lived in a high crime place, where the grocery store had armed police officers and people had bars on their windows.

I ended up leaving that living arrangement because the female friend (who I had been really close too) started behaving really weirdly. She would not give me my phone messages. She would try and stop me from going out. She would call my cell phone all the time. She would try to stop me from seeing J or any of my other friends.

The last straw came when he had spent the night one night. I went to work really early so I told him to just sleep in and go to work at his normal time (his job was closer to my house). This should have been no problem at all.

We had had a flood in our basement a couple of weeks before and this is where the female friend's bedroom was. The workman came to work on the damage and instead of either just getting up for the day or resting on the couch or even using the other roommate's bed (he was already gone for the day) she decides that it would be a really great idea to get in bed with J.

She didn't even wake him up. Just got in bed with him.

And she didn't think that either of us would object.

Anyway. I had a dream about this girl and that house last night. A vivid dream. One where an intruder broke into our home and stole the male roomie's really expensive cookwear.

And then he got in bed with my friend. And went to sleep.

He didn't think she would mind.

I woke up laughing.

But those meds are really fucking with me.

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